It’s a tough old world trying to grab people’s attention at an exhibition, and being ahead of the pack in terms of technology is a dog-eat-dog world these days.

Luckily, the guys over at Design Team are launching interactive content of the future. The result is their captivating app ‘AR+engage’ leading the way in augmented reality so now your clients can stand out from the crowd, whilst attracting the crowd at the same time.

Whether you’re working with an architect who wishes to give viewers a true sense of a design with a 3D span of each room, or an energy drink company who wishes to illustrate the benefits the tipple can have – you can’t go wrong.

Promising to bring 3D content into the real world, the app can transform any sequence to life for your clientele, using the phone they already have in their pocket and a quick scan of the 2D advert in front of them using the free app.


“Our app is fully customisable which allows people to have a customised augmented reality experience once a code is entered. It also means that people do not have to buy an app from scratch, making this affordable for businesses,” explains Operations Manager, Dominic LeRoy.

Describing his company’s vision for the future, Dominic says they hope their app “…will be on the majority of users’ phones/tablets and our icon will be so recognisable that once they see a logo on a poster, they will know it is an augmented reality experience.”

The company recently took their vision to the Augmented World Expo 2015 to spread the word, and it was lapped up by all those who saw it.

Download the ‘AR+engage’ app and check it out for yourself using these photos.