Traditionally Easter maybe thought of as the less sparkly and magical festivity compared to Christmas. But not for jewellery firm Fabergé who wanted to stop London shoppers in their tracks.

Asked by iconic store Harrods to dress their window for Easter, Faberge created a virtual egg, mapping projections of dazzling colours and jewels on to a plain egg, shrouded by darkness in the backing display. The end result was an explosion of attention for the firm and a tasty Easter treat for viewers– just one for their eyes, not their mouth.

Using 16 projectors, the 1.5 metre high display burst passer’s by into a mesmerising show that could give Sydney’s Vivid festival a run for it’s money.

One minute the egg appears to shatter with triangular pieces floating away, the next a fluid sea-like tranquillity flows over the show.

A grand finally showcases the firm’s egg pendant designs for those so dazzled they wished to open their wallets and take home a keep-sake.

The sensational projection was made by creative agency JUSTSO and Projection Artworks using the d3 4 X 4 Pro media server, which can simulate every aspect of the production in the studio before arriving on site.

A genuinely daylight visible projection was created using new technology which applies large amounts of light to relatively small areas. The Faberge egg is covered with an unprecedented 14,500 lumens/sq metre, around 200 times brighter than a typical outdoor building projection.

“This kind of installation would never have been feasible a few years ago,” says Tom Burch, managing director of Projection Artworks, “and the projectors would have been enormous. The continuing development of projector technology is constantly opening up exciting opportunities in retail, even in high levels of ambient light. This is genuinely daylight-visible.”