We all like to do our bit for the environment but when it comes to putting on an exhibition, it can easily get sidelined for convenience and speed. Here’s some tips to keep your stand green.

1) Think about where you’re exhibiting

Try to choose events that have a green ethos already so you know those who attend will jump on the bandwagon too. Perhaps venues offer green guidelines, such as renting carpet or stall equipment or talks about recycling options for waste at the end of the event. If they’re already thinking about the environment for you, it’s less work for you.

2) Don’t print

As the importance of technology surges there is less and less need to print out a million flyers or business cards. Can you offer someone a weblink or show them information on an iPad? A scannable QR code can be way more impressive than a bulky brochure that people are likely to ditch when they can’t be bothered to carry it around. Even better, signing them up to your mailing list can help to save trees whilst increasing your client base.

3) Use recycled products

Where you do need furniture or pamphlets made, ensure that you are using products which have either been recycled already or that can be recycled in the future. Make a point of telling clients that’s what you’ve done too. Caring for the environment is not just seen as ‘trendy’ anymore, but is also a really respectful and sensible way of doing business – clients will respect that.

4) Organise yourself on the day

Making one trip to the exhibition venue, rather than two or three cuts down on time, petrol prices and emissions. A little bit of planning can save stress and time, as well as the environment.