2016 has crept up on us. We’re almost at the end of January yet I’m still mourning the loss of the office Christmas tree. Thankfully January still has more to offer in the form of national celebrations and all things Australian. More importantly, AV 24/7 has decided to save a Brit (me) from Winter blues. You’ll be getting regular updates from all the team here at AV 24/7, because we know we have some awesome events and ideas, plus sharing is caring!

 Happy Australia Day Folks

Happy Australia Day Folks

So let’s talk about Australia day and all those crazy events that make this British girl go weak at the knees. One thing you should know, I am a total newbie. Never before have I experienced so-called Aussie Day, so I’ve decided to go on a quest to find the most Australian event.



First things first, to find out why Australia Day is celebrated, of course here at AV 24/7 we love any excuse to have an event, but what makes this day special? Captain Arthur Phillip landed at Port Jackson on January 26th 1788, and modern Australia was born. Celebration of this day has caused much controversy, and it is important to remember and respect indigenous Australians as they celebrate Survival Day and aboriginal culture.Now Australia Day wants to mark much more. It’s become a day of inclusion embracing multicultural Australia where everyone’s invited, even me.

It’s more than just another public holiday (but we do love all public holidays!) it is about what makes this country so great and what it means to be part of Australia.

Yet, if there is one thing that binds the plethora of community events together, it’s the theme of off-piste wackiness.

In true Australian fashion, Australian’s do not take their celebrations too seriously, with lilo shaped flip flops (thongs), kangaroo based attire and flag themed singlets ready to line the beaches.

Sydney proudly presents its ferrython, which is exactly what it sounds like. A giant ferry marathon, and of course the Harbour Bridge acts as the finish line!

Not surprisingly, Sydney makes the most of its awesome location. Numerous floaty parties pop up as the coast becomes lined with people bouncing in the water jumping between inflatables. Beaches turn into family water parks with free water slides (awesome) offering the chance to cool down in-between picnicking.


 Check out AV24/7′s Sam’s Slip and Slide!

Check out AV24/7′s Sam’s Slip and Slide!

There is even a gnome convention, where all Gnomes are brought together to chat (in Gnomish) about Australia Day whilst their owners present them with awards. It is said that gnomes were not native to Australia, instead they migrating from Europe and Britain in hunt of warmer climates. It would appear that gnomes and I are not that different after all!

So the results are up;  and in my to journey to discover the most Australian event I’ve found it is actually a quintessential everyday affair. The definitive way to enjoy the day is a BBQ surrounded by friends and family.   So I spent my day with my new adopted Australian family trying to work out how to cook a shrimp on a BBQ whilst listening to the Triple J hottest 100.

What Australia Day means may be true of many migrants living here. Since my arrival, I have been bowled over by friendliness, I have been made to feel welcome many miles from my home. For me, this is something to celebrate and this is what Australia day means to me.

One more thing. It turns out that Australia day is also a celebration of citizenship. That’s right, dedicated ceremonies all over the country honouring new citizens of Australia. Perhaps a few years down the line, I’ll be celebrating more than just Australia Day on the 26th. I’ll keep you posted!