NAB Honesty Comercial

AV 24/7 was proud to be involved in NAB’s newest commercial; Honesty should be rewarded! This was a complex shoot from a technical perspective require information to be sent within seconds to different screens and specific times as the customer walked past, then onto the large 4×4 seamless wall when the ‘honest’ customer arrives at the end point

The NAB honesty shouldn’t go unrewarded commercial was created to reward honest shopping centre customers. When an ‘honest’ customer handed in a planted lost property item, their photo was discreetly taken and their name was asked. This information was sent directly to our vision tech team to update and instantly load numerous screens as the customer walked by, showing them that their honesty doesn’t go unrewarded. As the customer walks further through the shopping center they are greeted with more and more personalised messages until the reach the end of the shopping centre to the 4×4 seamless wall with a large message an a lovely bunch of flowers. Check out the video and see good old aussie honesty in action.