Feel like monkeying around? It’s time for dragon dances, colourful floats and lantern parades to welcome the year of the Monkey.

Following the lunisolar Chinese calendar, Lunar New Year takes place on 8th February, and with festivities lasting 15 days it’s a massive event in Australia. In fact, Sydney hosts the largest Lunar New Year festival outside of Asia, so it’s a busy time of year for us as we get stuck in, helping to light up the city.

All over Sydney, events are popping up to help you take part in the celebrations. Why not take part in a dumpling eating competition (get training) or 3D print your own monkey at Custom’s House? Making the most of Sydney’s awesome skyline and AV set up, the Opera House will glow red, and lunar lanterns will adorn the streets. We’re providing AV installations as part of Westpac’s roadshow celebrations, which travels all over Australia. We’ll be sharing with you a case study from Westpac’s Lunar New Year events very soon.

 Preparing fo set up for the Westpac Roadshow

Preparing fo set up for the Westpac Roadshow

This year, we say hello to the year of the monkey, part of the tradition in which the Chinese zodiac links an animal to each lunar year. Chinese Zodiac signs are determined by birth year, and each animal is said to affect your personality and future.

The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao.

So in the lead up to Lunar New Year we’ve been eagerly researching our Zodiac animals.  Those born in the year of the monkey are believed to be energetic, quick –witted, and intelligent especially regarding finance and careers. It turns out we don’t have any monkeys in our office, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our great attributes. We decided to check out some of our Zodiac animals and here they are:

Cat: Unfortunately there is no cat in the Zodiac system, but we think she makes an awesome Dragon. She’s definitely lively, intellectual and excitable (which is why she is such an integral part of our team). Dragon’s aren’t afraid of difficulties, and as EA and Marketing Coordinator Cat makes the most of her skills (we’d be lost without her).

Mark: Our national Ops Manager is a Sheep, and is among the animals that people like the most, which is obviously true in our office. Polite, clever and kind-hearted are just a few more strengths we can attribute to Mark. Though people born in the year of the sheep are believed to be moody, we have to say we don’t agree with this observation!

Sam: It looks like we have two Dragons, Sam resides in our Melbourne office so she, like Cat, is smart and excitable. In her operational role, Sam has to be decisive and inspiring to our technicians when they’re on the job. We’re lucky to have a dragon in each office.

Paul: Those born in the year of the Ox are said to be leaders, level headed, and devoted to work; big ticks for our Sales Manager. Though Ox’s are believed to be lacking in wit, not Paul! He has us all in fits of giggles, except when he’s telling Dad jokes.

Libbie: General Manager Libbie is born in the year of the Pig, a particularly loyal, hard-working and efficient sign. Pigs are responsible and honest which makes her perfect to keep us on the right path.

Whilst we don’t agree with all our Zodiac characteristics, we are happy to see we’ve a got great complementary team in both Sydney and Melbourne. We’re looking forward to enjoying the Lunar New Year and suggest everyone makes the most of all the festivities too.