CAREERCON Virtual Expo

The Cool Career is Australia's premier provider of career networking events, advice and information for Gen Z and Y girls. Since 2017, The Cool Career has been at the forefront of reinventing career advice and it's method of delivery in Australia. Realizing the increasing uncertainty and disruptions across Australia's job market due to Covid-19, founder Kura Antonello with the support of Business Chicks dreamed up the ambitious idea to run a free two-day virtual careers expo called CAREERCON. The main purpose for CAREERCON was to offer an inclusive and fun online event for young grads to help them stay focused and fuelled up for their future careers. One of the main drawcards of the event was a line-up of 19 expert speakers who were ready to inspire and connect with the thousands of girls wanting to understand where to go next in their career options. Kura reached out to our team to help only 10 days prior to this event after breaking ties with another supplier who was not delivering. Recognizing the positive impact this event would leave on young girls, AV 24/7 jumped at the opportunity to rescue CAREERCON and deliver a memorable event for both the speakers and the nearly 3500 registrants.

AV 24/7 provided a suite of customisable virtual solutions to ensure the viewers were able to remain actively engaged throughout the 2-day, live virtual event. Some of these solutions included live chat and Q&A available across the blend of masterclasses, panel discussions and speakers' presentations. Taking into careful consideration our main audience was predominantly made up of digital natives, our production team focused on optimizing the visual and audio elements for every section of the event. Some of these considerations included a user-friendly registration page, visually appealing streaming and break pages, upbeat music, high quality content integration, and live polling. Maintaining an engaging pace between sessions and throughout the event was another core focus for our team. This involved vigilant speaker management through virtual green rooms and expert content management from our Sydney based control room.

Being the first of its kind in Australia, CAREERCON was able to offer a unique environment for young graduates to learn from and interact with a number of successful leaders from a broad range of vocations and professions. Some of the highlighted speakers included Melissa Leong (TV Judge MasterChef Australia); Michelle Mathews (Marketing Manager, Medibank); Cait Miers (Photographer) and also Libbie Ray (Co-Owner of AV 24/7). By allowing Viewers to choose if they wished to ask questions anonymously or not, we were able to foster a highly inclusive environment for all personalities to engage, further broadening and enriching the conversations. Throughout the 2-day virtual expo, over 200 unique viewers questions were asked while the streaming page reached nearly 35K viewer minutes.

What Kura Antonello, Founder of The Cool Career has to say:

"I'm sure the team at AV 24/7 are gifted with some sort of logistical magic, as working with them, was entirely effortless - not to mention fun. Being a completely virtual conference, I had no idea the complexity of the event I was trying to deliver. I'm talking continuous streaming for six hours across two day, two virtual green rooms, 25 speakers, plus presentations, masterclasses. I thought I could use an off the shelf program, run it myself and viola! An incredible viewing experience that I could manage and MC.

Oh! how I was wrong!

Juston and his team listened to what I wanted, offered sage advice and then literally held my hand through everything, from onboarding presenters, to sending out participation links, to even couriering me the proper tech equipment from Sydney to Melbourne the day before the event. A highlight of the experience for me, was the response from attendees, with plenty of people noting the professionalism of the event, and the seamless, easy to use interface.

Before CAREERCON I was thinking, oh boy, I hope I can pull this off. Now, after CAREERCON, with new found confidence in virtual conferences and a wonder team behind me, I am already planning my next event."
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