Dermaviduals is a bespoke dermatological skin care company which prides itself in delivering proven, results-based and cost effective skin care products. One of their main tenets is the fundamental importance of education. Their training and information sessions have traditionally run through in-class training and information sessions through their education company "Derma Aesthetics". As social distancing restrictions began to take place, Derma Aesthetics reached out to the AV 24/7 team to help take their training online.

Once a month, our trained virtual event technicians have facilitated the full day and multi day training, and education sessions for all Derma Aesthetics clients across Australia and New Zealand. These education days included private, branded invitation emails and logins, live switching of video feeds between speakers, presentation view and holding slides during events and coordinated Q&A sessions with speakers and attendees.

Through these highly interactive education sessions , Derma Aesthetics has been able to remain leaders amongst skin care providers by ensuring their staff, clients and partners remain informed about the never-ending changes and advances in their industry.
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