Online Meetings, Webinars and Training Sessions

Reach your audience from anywhere in the world with our online meeting, webinar and training session services.
Virtual meetings pose many new challenges that we don't generally experience in a face to face environment. As we transition to a new level in the digital age, quality is still expected and taking control of your messaging and consumer experiences is paramount. AV 24/7 can help remove the stress of managing a virtual meeting and also enhance the experience for the viewers.

A virtual facilitator and professional online meeting manager organises and takes care of the presentation support, video switching, management of delegate or guest video and audio, speaker slides, backgrounds and full recording and post production of the online event.

Whether you have 2 or 1000 attendees we will ensure the process is managed seamlessly and we can walk you through the entire process.

Features of your Online Meeting, Webinar or Training Session may include:

● Experienced Meeting Facilitator
● 2-Way Audio and Video
● Multiple Breakout Sessions
● Screen Sharing
● Presentation Streaming, Record & Playback
● Q&A's and Polling
● Electronic Hand raising
● Private Chat
● Custom Branding & Sponsorship opportunities
If you need assistance with professional meetings software and management of your next online meeting, webinar or training session then we are here to help.
How We Can Help
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