Remember the Neon era?
City streets and popular nightspots were lit up with pineapples, pina-coladas and other such silhouettes in florescent colour. Whilst lighting technology has certainly progressed since the 1910 invention by French engineer Georges Claude, the 'look and feel' of this striking light source has seen a recent resurgence in popularity more than one hundred years on.

Whilst not constructed with the same technology as the official Neon lights which reigned supreme up until the 1960's, LED technology (arguably the king of lighting in the 21st century) is responsible for its new-found replacement. Aptly referred to as the 'Happy Tube' this smart and relatively cost effective light source provides a striking aesthetic that captivate an audience in an instant. Its ability to move beyond the static and adapt to a range of pre-programmed patterns, colours, speeds and sequences make it hugely popular for show designers and event organisers looking to impress in new and invigorating ways. Its lightweight and versatile nature allows for an endless range of uses and applications. Adding to this is its ability to co-connect and run a cohesive sequence to an indefinite length.

Only half way into the year, the AV 24/7 team report that the humble happy tube has been part of more than its fair share of show installations ranging from stage designs, brand activations and photo ops to name just a few. So, what is it about this neon-look tube that make it so popular? Not only is it a practical and effective light source, its unique aesthetic has become the perfect medium for those wanting to style a space with a modern and captivating intent. When you pair this with its unique ability to customise a colour sequence you start to see why the neon-look happy tube is becoming the go-to product for the discerning event planner and show organiser.

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