PANGEA Virtual Wine Night

Pangea Global Health Education is an Australian-based non-profit organisation working towards improving health outcomes through health education in low-resource settings. This year Pangea GHE was needing to raise much-needed funds, but without the ability to host a fundraising event. The team turned to AV 24/7 to help reimagine their fundraising event on the virtual stage so that it could offer real value to their supporters who'd purchased tickets.

To help Pangea offer value to their supporters, our team created a highly interactive two-hour, live virtual wine tasting and food pairing event, led by celebrity sommelier Angelica Nohra. We delivered curated Virtual Event Boxes filled with wine and treats to the doors of the attendees across Australia and New Zealand. This enabled them to be more involved in the tasting. Other features for the night included two-way live-stream from our studios with Q&A, quizzes, polling and a live auction. The audience was then able to finish off the night with virtual networking rooms to mingle and connect with the other attendees.

With our help, Pangea GHE was able to offer real value to their sponsors by giving them the unique ability to learn, eat and drink for a good cause all from the comfort of their own homes. With 825 tickets sold across Australia and New Zealand, Pangea GHE was able to raise enough funds to continue with their important work, providing healthcare and hygiene education around the world.
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